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Who we are

Women’s empowerment is an essential pre-requisite for sustainable development and respect for human values if women are truly to emerge as one ‘Half the Sky’, a statement that unequivocally asserts their equality with men. Giving top priority to women’ s safety and dignity that ensures empowerment, the Telangana State Police uphold their position as “Trail blazers” in the country through the formation of a special Women’s safety Cell, an Umbrella organization encompassing different wings working with the common goal of women’s safety.

The Women’s Safety Wing partners with women’s organizations, NGO’s and women human right defenders across the State. Some reputed Institutions and organizations partnering it include Nalsar University, Centre for Rehabilitation and Telangana Women Federation. Addressing all aspects of women’s safety and gender based violence TSWSW is a unique ‘one stop’ destination for protection, support and empowerment of women unlike any other in India. Through effective policing and program partnerships, advocacy, and outreach activities the safety wing seeks to impact policy decisions that empower women.


Safety and Self-reliance which ensure gender equality through empowerment of women is our primary objective. We support our partners working towards these goals by ensuring women’s prosperity through skill training, counseling and support systems.


Our core values involve eliminating all forms of gender discrimination, ensuring inclusive growth where women are respected and making provisions for their safety and prosperity.


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What we do

Our vision is the establishment of a ‘gender equal’ state where women are partners in progress. TSWSW seeks to create a level playing field promoting excellence devoid of gender discrimination working in tandem with partners locally and in global coalitions. Gender discrimination here is not viewed in isolation but as part of larger social issues that include differences based on race, ethnicity, religion, education, income levels, sexual orientation and socio-cultural backgrounds. Providing a safe environment to women and children and coming up with issue specific solutions is a task that TSWSW addresses with all earnestness.