SHE Bharosa Cyber Lab

Towards prevention of Online Crimes against Women & Children

To combat common and emerging cyber-crimes against women and children, the Women Safety Wing of Telangana State Police has set up SHE-BHAROSA CYBER LAB. The lab will be used in the prevention, detection, investigation and monitoring of cybercrimes against women and children by implementing cyber patrolling and profiling techniques. SHE-BHAROSA CYBER LAB will act as a State Nodal Lab which provides advanced technical assistance to SHE Teams, BHAROSA, Anti-Human Trafficking Units (AHTU’s) and all district cyber wings and COE for the effective handling of cybercrimes against women and children.

Scope and Capabilities

SHE-Bharosa Cyber Lab is designed to identify various crime sources and indicators, and develop strategies to combat the crimes. To address these crimes, the Lab is equipped with Incident Response, Investigation and Forensic tools and capabilities. It will strengthen every associated wing that would solve their ground-level issues by providing essential cyber support.

Cyber Crimes tackled by SHE Bharosa Cyber Lab

SHE-BHAROSA Cyber Lab is designed to identify various crime sources and indicators, and develop strategies to combat these crimes. The lab is equipped with Incident Response, Investigation and Forensic tools and capabilities. The lab will strengthen every associated wing that should solve their ground-level issues by providing essential cyber support. 

SHE Bharosa Cyber Lab Capabilities

Key Benefits to Public & Government

The SHE-BHAROSA CYBER LAB is equipped with the following capabilities that will help combat crimes against women and children for the benefit of Public & Government

Complaint Handling Tracks

If the complaint or case has been registered for providing quick support and solutions to cyber warriors and SHE Teams, The TS-WSW can develop a multi-model complaint combating approach.

Digital Forensic Track

The lab has forensic tools and capabilities to handle crime scene management. These tools will aid in collecting and preserving the computer evidence, seize mobile devices & external peripherals, collect CCTV footage and analyse Cyber Predator's Network Traffic. This multi-folded approach will help LEAs build effective and fool proof cases against Cyber Harasser/ Predators and traffickers for conviction.

Cyber Investigative Track

Anonymity tools used by the cyber criminals creates a big challenge for the investigating officers to trace the criminals and bring them to justice in the cyber world. In regard to the same, the Lab is incorporated with advanced tools to trace the cybercriminals.

Online Intelligence & CSAM Monitoring Track

The lab will use free, open source and customised tools, techniques and methods to generate online intelligence by scrapping and harvesting methods. This track keeps monitoring the Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) by Honeypot and Trap Techniques.

Suspect Profiling and Report Generation

The lab will use advanced cyber intelligence and scrapping techniques, and generate predictive and actionable intelligence by making suspect profiling against harassers, predators and pedophiles. The lab can act as a catalyst in the investigation process for district cyber labs.

Glimpses of SHE Bharosa Cyber Lab

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