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Taking a stand for women's safety at workplace

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A first of its kind State Police-Industry Body collaborative initiative to strengthen the ecosystem of support for women employees in workplaces across the State



Discover SAHAS, Telangana Police's initiative dedicated to empowering women and creating a safe environment for all.

About Workplace Safety

Learn about the importance of workplace safety and how SAHAS promotes a secure environment for women to thrive professionally.

Supportive Legal Framework

Explore the legal provisions and rights that safeguard women in the workplace, ensuring their protection and well-being.

Engage and Empower

Join the SAHAS forum to connect with experts, and participate in discussions aimed at fostering women's safety and empowerment.

Building Confidence, Championing Women’s Safety in Telangana’s Workplaces.

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Join Sahas and Empower Change: Be a Part of the Movement for Women’s Safety in the Workplace

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