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Pioneering Women safety initiative by Telangana

‘SHE Teams’ were launched on the 24th of October 2014 in Hyderabad City as part of the Telangana State Government’s vision of providing a totally safe and secure environment for women within the larger concept of friendly policing. In view of the resounding success of SHE Teams in Hyderabad City, it was replicated initially in Cyberabad and thereafter in each district of Telangana from April 2015. Women Safety Wing monitors the work done by all the SHE Teams in Telangana State. At present there are 331 SHE teams working in Telangana State.

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SHE teams were formed with the vision of providing safety and security to women and children by –

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Leveraging technology & analytics for women safety

SHE Teams Software

User ids are provided to all officers right from Supervising Officers to ground level officers, viz., SHE Team Incharge ACPs / SDPOs, SIs and Admins. Whenever a petition is received it is uploaded in the SHE Team Software by the concerned ACPs/SDPOs. It is then assigned to various SIs/ASIs/HCs to conduct an enquiry and submit a report in the SHE Team Software.

Detailed dashboards and reports are generated based on various fields that are captured by the officers, viz., petitions, observations, campaigns, petitioner/suspect details, profession of petitioner/suspect, nature of petition, etc. Reports can also be generated based on the status of petitions.

SHE teams compile Daily DSR proforma which includes data on the hotspots covered, red handed cases, FIRs and petty cases filed, counselling sessions conducted, warning/let off and awareness programs conducted.