Volunteering Opportunities

Towards building a culture of safety in Telangana

Gandhi Ji had once rightly said: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Volunteering is at the very heart of Social Change. When citizens come forward, both young and old, to contribute their time and getting involved in community impact activities, positive social change happens.

The concept of Policing by Consent enshrines in it a citizen friendly approach as it’s core concept. Citizens joining hands with Police, especially in important causes such as Women Safety, helps bridge the gender gaps and aids in creating a positive perception towards police in the Society. At Telangana Police Women Safety Wing, we welcome volunteers from all walks of life to help with our initiatives aimed at safety of women, children and vulnerable sections of the society.

Whether you are a young student or a professional on a break with skills and expertise, if you are interested, then we can explore ways and means to provide you with meaningful opportunities to contribute towards safety and well-being.

To get involved, please fill our Volunteering Form here:

Training Provided to Volunteers

Workshops and awareness sessions on various issues/challenges faced by the college youth

Training on how to report anonymously as a volunteer

Various legal awareness sessions by experts from respective departments

Training on documentation and communication

Resource directory with important contacts and addresses

Glimpse of #Volunteerism

To be a part of the Telangana Police Volunteering Movement