Domestic Violence Module

The main aim of the Domestic Violence Module at Women Safety Wing is to deal with issues related to domestic violence and dowry harassment. It monitors cases, brings awareness and acts as a coordinator among different stakeholders dealing with women and child Safety.

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When can I report Domestic Violence?

About DV Module

Domestic violence includes any form of violence suffered by a person from a biological relative, but typically is the violence suffered by a woman on account of a male member of her family or relatives. The abuse is not necessarily physical. It also extends to verbal, emotional, sexual and economic spheres leaving her shattered and unable to stand up for her rights. Many laws were enacted to curb domestic violence beginning with Dowry Prohibition Act, 1861 which made the act of giving and receiving dowry a crime.

To further strengthen this law two new sections section 498 A and section 304 B were introduced into the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in 1983 and 1986. The most recent law is the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA) 2005, a civil Law which broadened the definition of domestic violence to include physical, emotional, sexual, verbal and economic violence as we know it today.

Composition of DV Module

DV module is headed by a Dy. Superintendent of Police along with 1 Inspector of Police, 1 ASI, and 4 Police Constables. It is supervised by Addl., SP rank officer.

DV Module Telangana SOP

Registering the petition

Making an entry into the petition register upon being approached.

Sent to Module I/C officer

The petitioner is sent to module I/C officer, the module I/C officer examines the petition, makes contact with the concerned PS SHO and discusses facts of the petition for speedy disposal.

Sent to concerned Unit Officer

The details of the petition enter into Phase-I and II proforma and sent to the concerned unit with a memo by offering action taken & report through Phase-III proforma to this office at an early date.

WSW Officers take action

The Module staff does the follow up and collects the action reports from concerned units and submits reports to superior officers.

DV Virtual Call center

(Initiative during COVID-19)

With the coronavirus pandemic putting the entire country in lockdown, the Telangana police is leveraging technology in providing domestic violence counseling. An IVR system was established with a pool of expert counselors who handle every case that comes over the call. The IVR System receives the calls and seeks the preferred language for the caller.  Based on the selected language the call gets routed to the counselor available. Counselors residing at home take the case over a call and provide the necessary counseling adhering COVID19 norms. The IVR system automatically routes the call to the same counselor if the victim wants to have multiple interactions.

The technology has helped the police to monitor the entire process remotely and record the total interaction digitally. It also helped in assessing the quality of the counselors. An android and iPhone app were also provided to the counselors to assist them in accessing the victim’s details, log counseling information, and to access call recordings.


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