An initiative with UNICEF

Missing Persons Monitoring Cell

The main aim of the Missing Persons Monitoring Cell is to deal with the cases of missing persons efficiently using state of the art technology and thereby restoring them to their families with dignity.

The cell has been started in association with UNICEF, WCD and NIC as key stakeholders to trace missing people and to assure their safety until they are reunited with their family or rehabilitated.

Tenets for formation of Missing Persons Monitoring Cell

Composition of Missing Persons Monitoring Cell

The team consists of SP rank officer who will head the team, 1 Inspector, 1 Sub Inspector, 1 PC from analysis team of WSW (from AHT module), 3 coordinators/supporting staff, 1 staff from UNICEF, 1 PC from AHT and 1 PC from Cyber Module.

How Missing Persons Reports are Received

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