The Women Safety Wing is a department of the Telangana State Police working to ensure the safety, dignity and empowerment of women in the state. The Wing has been designed to handle the investigation into crimes against women that specifically include prevention of trafficking, sexual offences, domestic violence, juvenile delinquency, NRI issues & cyber crimes Providing a safe environment to women & children while coming up with issue-specific solutions is a task that TSWSW addresses with all its earnestness.

The Women Safety Wing (WSW) was carved out from the Women Protection Cell, CID. It is a fully equipped and functional department working at independent premises. The WSW has its own cadre strength and a very specific mandate.

Our Mission

Our objective is to support partners to become self-reliant and capable of leading their own development journeys. We make progress toward this by reducing the reach of conflict, providing necessary support, and reducing transactional crime and other safety Issues. We promote women prosperity through skill training and other necessary support systems.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a gender equal’ state where women are partners in progress. TSWSW seeks to create a level playing field promoting excellence devoid of gender discrimination working in tandem with partners locally and in national coalitions.

Our Journey So Far

Organization Chart

The Safe City Project

The Safe City Project is a Central Government Scheme funded by the Nirbhaya Fund. This fund has been released to 8 largest cities in the country (Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Kolkata & Delhi) as per project proposals submitted by the respective cities. In the State of Telangana, the Tri-Commissionerate area (including GHMC and part of HMDA regions) is covered under the project. The Safe City Project also partners with GHMC & Transport Department in implementing the project. 

The key components of Safe City-Hyderabad include the following :