Cyber Module

Not letting your online safety go on-the-line

The Cyber Module is a special-purpose team set up to focus on cybercrimes against Women and Children. This module will not only monitor the complaints and assist concerned officers across the state but also collate the statuses and action taken and analyse the data for decision making and optimizing of SOPs. This will have a direct and positive impact on improving the quality of the investigation process.

When can I approach Cyber Module?

Services under Cyber Module

Monitor cyber crimes

Removal of abusive content

Assist concerned officers

Collate statuses & actions

Improve SOPs & investigation process

Training & awareness programs

Composition of Cyber Module

This module is headed by a S.P., Dy. S.P. rank officer along with 1 Sub-Inspectors of Police, 1 Head Constable, 2 Police Constables.

Objectives of
Cyber Module

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