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Pioneering Women safety initiative by Telangana

Main aim of the SHE Module is to deal with offences related to Women and Children, especially Street Sexual Harassment, Stalking, Harassment against Women and Children in public places, work places, educational institutions and residential areas. SHE Module achieves this through SHE Teams both in real world and virtually. 

Objectives of SHE Module

Composition of SHE Module

SHE Module is headed by a Dy. Superintendent of Police along with 1 Inspector of Police, 1 Sub Inspector and 4 Police Constables.

Key Statistics

Year Established
No. of SHE Teams in the state
300 +

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Need for SHE Module

Women have the power to create, nurture and transform; and despite all these positive attributes women have never been treated on par with men in all societies, cultures and classes across the world. Gender based discrimination and violence against women have been reinforced through prejudices, biases and attitudes that prevent them from reaching their full potential as individuals. The attitude that women exist purely to please men have resulted in films with sexist overtones where the Hero gains stature in proportion to the extent that he teases the hapless heroine and establishes his superiority.

This thought process is reflected in domestic violence, sexual harassment at workplaces, and street sexual harassment, used to denote unwanted sexual remarks or advances to women in public places.

Sexual aggression is of various types ranging from offensive watch, Cat calls, Sexist comments, Stalking, suggestive songs, display of indecent videos to flashing, groping and molestation. Perpetrators of these crimes devise ingenious ways of harassing women in public places, near colleges and workplaces and outside their homes. SHE Teams was brought in the light of creating a safe and secure environment for the women in the State of Telangana.

Key Benefits to Public & Government

Technologies adopted by SHE Module

The SHE Teams software is designed specifically for the SHE Teams working in Districts / Commissionerates to update and store the unit wise SHE Team data – their day to day performance and complaints.

QR Code mechanism has come into force in Telugu/English/Urdu languages and barcodes have been placed in every public place in the State. The victim has to scan the barcode, which helps the petitioner to lodge a complaint with the district SHE Team from any place.

The SHE Team WhatsApp number is a non-emergency number, where a victim can report harassment being faced by them from any where in the state.

Online counselling facility has been operational since COVID-19 times. The facility is being run with a dedicated group of 12 counsellors per session every month for all delinquents by the SHE Teams.

Key Initiatives under SHE Module

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