Analysis Wing

Technical analysis and support wing

The Analysis Module in Women Safety Wing Telangana technically supports the different modules set up by the wing. It analyses the data of women & child-related cases to prevent and reduce crimes against women & children. This module assists the Special Task Force (Sexual Offices Module) in locating the accused and help in arrests that are pending in POCSO Act cases. This module also assists the investigating/ module officers to track the victim (missing/ kidnapped person), suspect/ respondent/accused persons, in cybercrime & Human Trafficking cases.

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Services under Analysis Wing

Crime data analysis

Tracking victims & accused

Locating & arrest of accused in POCSO Act cases

Composition of
Analysis Wing

This module is headed by a Dy. S.P rank officer along with 1 Inspector of Police, 1 Head Constable and 2 Police Constables.

Objectives of
Analysis Wing

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