Legal Support Person(Bharosa)

Job Description

The Legal Support Person plays a crucial role in providing assistance, guidance, and emotional support to the survivor throughout the legal process. The primary objective is to ensure that the survivor’s rights are protected, their needs are addressed, and they can navigate the legal system effectively. Detailed Job Responsibilities and expectations are as given below: Victim Orientation: A Legal Support Person will inform and orient the victim about her/his legal rights and help/guide the victim to initiate legal proceedings against the abuse/violence suffered. Emotional Support: Provide a safe and empathetic environment for the survivor to share their experiences and feelings. Offer emotional support throughout the legal proceedings, recognizing the trauma associated with the crime. Information and Education: Explain the legal process, the survivor’s rights, and available options in a clear and comprehensible manner. Help the survivor understand legal terminology and procedures.

Vacancy Count





Should be not less than 25 years not more than 40 years of age as on date of application


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