Women Safety Wing, DIG, Mrs. Sumathi B, IPS Explains Women Safety Wing Initiatives

The Women Safety Wing of Telangana Police has been established in March 2019 to make the state safe for women and empower them to fight evils such as domestic violence, harassment, etc. Over the years, with the advent of technology, the means of harassment have changed and Women Safety Wing has been evolving to the changing needs by adopting technology to fight these challenges. Women Safety Wing, DIG, Mrs. Sumathi B, IPS explains the range of women’s issues that Women Safety Wing helps combat and how initiatives such as SHE Teams, which is a pioneering initiative by the Telangana State Police have been effecting in nipping issues in the bud. She also goes on to explain how technology has been crucial in tackling the issues arising out of online and social media harassment, and how Women Safety Wing is supporting women in staying safe online.