Operation Muskaan 9

Operation Muskaan 9, an annual child rescue operation, conducted its online convergence meeting and poster launch. The event brought together various stakeholders, including the teams from TS AHTU (Anti-Human Trafficking Unit), WCD Telangana, TS Education Department, Labour Department, SJPUs, CWC, Telangana Health, CWPOs, and NGO partners. The objective of Operation Muskaan is to rescue children from hotspots and raise awareness about child labor and child trafficking. The teams of TS AHTU analyze and revisit these areas to ensure the safety and well-being of children. Through collective efforts, we strive to put an end to child labor and child trafficking.

Operation Muskaan, conducted by the Telangana State Police, is an annual initiative aimed at rescuing missing children and reuniting them with their families. The operation focuses on identifying and rehabilitating children who are victims of trafficking or forced into child labor. The dedicated teams of the Telangana State Police work tirelessly to analyze hotspots, conduct raids, and carry out extensive awareness campaigns to address the issue of child exploitation. Through Operation Muskaan, the Telangana State Police are making significant efforts to protect the rights and well-being of children, ensuring a brighter and safer future for them.

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