India's First Ride Monitoring Service by Police

A groundbreaking initiative by the Women Safety Wing that revolutionizes the landscape of safety and security. With a core focus on digital inclusivity, T-Safe expands the role of law enforcement from emergency response to continuous ride monitoring, ensuring citizens’ safety at every step. Through automated ride monitoring with minimal human intervention and a streamlined information capture process, T-Safe requires only basic digital literacy from citizens while overlaying seamlessly on existing mechanisms.

How T-Safe Works?


A citizen can initiate a ride monitoring ticket through multiple channels, including Dial 100 or downloading the T-Safe app from App Store (IOS and Android). Upon initiation, the T-Safe helpdesk monitors the journey for deviations or non-responsiveness etc.

SOS Alert

In case the citizen fails to respond to any of the safety check triggers (calls or prompts on app), or there is a deviation observed from normally expected ride scenarios, an Alert is automatically created in the T-Safe Platform. After manual verification or when triggered directly by the citizen, an emergency response requirement is sent to the Dial 100 system.


Upon generation of emergency response alert, the police team traces the citizen through various technical and other methods and responds to the emergency as per established practice.

How to use T-Safe?

T-Safe utilizes three live tracking methods: Location-Based System (LBS) via Dial 100, Web Link Tracking through browsers, and the Women Tracking Lite App. Each offers distinct features catering to diverse user needs, ensuring comprehensive monitoring within the initiative.

100కి డయల్ చేయండి

Web Link Tracking

T-Safe App

Key Features

Upcoming Features

తరచుగా అడిగే ప్రశ్నలు

The T-Safe Service aims to promote the safety of women and children traveling during odd hours in Telangana by allowing citizens to initiate journey monitoring by the police.

You can access the T-Safe Service in three ways: by dialing One Hundred and pressing 8 in the IVR, visiting the T-Safe page on the Women Safety Website, or downloading the T-Safe App from Google Playstore.

If you are using a Feature Phone, you’ll receive automated safety check calls every 15 minutes and must enter a 4-digit secret passcode to confirm safety. For Android App users, prompts appear every 15 minutes for verification.

In emergencies, the T-Safe control room intervenes. If you directly dial 100, it’s routed to the Dial 100 helpdesk. Automated alerts prompt outbound calls; if necessary, a Dial 100 ticket is created.

Women, children, and the elderly traveling alone during odd hours by road within Telangana State boundaries are the intended beneficiaries.

T-Safe is digitally inclusive, available for both Smart and Feature Phone users, and requires only basic digital literacy. It also allows citizens to share live ride location links with friends and family, enhancing safety alongside existing police initiatives.