"Pride Place" - A cell dedicated to transgender protection inaugurated by Telangana Police Women Safety Wing

Image courtesy – New Indian Express

Telangana DGP M. Mahendar Reddy inaugurated Pride Place, a dedicated cell for the protection of transgender and LGBQIA+ people, at the Women’s Safety Wing of the Telangana Police. The cell will work to ensure transgender and LGBQIA+ people’s safety and security by putting an end to violence against them in society.

An inspector leads the cell, which also includes three other sub-inspectors, constables and a person from the trans community,  as well as other stakeholders. Mahendar Reddy, DGP, unveiled a Pride Place logo and a booklet outlining the cell’s standard operating procedures.

During the ceremony, Telangana DGP Mahendar Reddy stated that the cell will serve as a one-stop solution for trans and LGBQIA+ people in the state, providing police and other services through networking and collaboration with other stakeholders. While appreciating the “historic” initiative, he stated that this cell will go a long way toward ensuring justice for the members of Trans and LGBQIA+ communities.


To ensure the safety and security of transgender people by putting an end to violence against them in society.

Objectives of Pride Place

According to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Trans and LGBQIA+ People Protection Cell at the State Level is formed in the Telangana Police under the Women’s Safety Wing.

The cell will work to prevent crimes, monitor cases of transgender and LGBQIA+ persons related offences, and ensure timely registration, investigation, and prosecution of such offences. Furthermore, it will raise public awareness about transgender and LGBQIA+ people’s rights and educate all stakeholders on the proper implementation of laws in the state concerning to trans and LGBQIA+ persons.

A transgender person has been taken to work as a coordinator. The cell will connect with various transgender and LGBQIA+ communities while also assisting police in identifying the needs of members who have been victims of violence.

According to Swati Lakra, Addl. DGP, Women Safety Wing, this cell is an effort to ensure that trans people are treated with the same dignity as everyone else and can live with respect for their gender identity.