Public Safety Club

Convergence is a need of the hour. Public Safety Club brings all important stakeholders on a common platform to tackle the safety issues. It’s a people-friendly mechanism with a strong combination of Govt. Departments, young generation including common people. It will empower the youth generation to become responsible citizens. We want girls to feel proud of who they are and boys feel equally responsible for the safety of girls. The orientation programme took place from 25th to 29th January. Public Safety Club will be formed in all Government /Government aided High Schools, Colleges and Universities in the State of Telangana. Public Safety Club is a 3 tier structure starting from school level to district level to state level monitoring body.

Our Key Result Areas are – Women & Children Safety, Traffic & Road Safety, Overall Public Safety and Security including environmental health and safety in the Local Communities.Our objective is to develop ownership among student communities for Public Safety and transform them to become active Stakeholders for Public Safety for the rest of their lives. We aim to create awareness among the student community on:

  1. Cybercrime and cyber bullying
  2. Promote law abiding culture among student community
  3. Usage of Technology – Digital media and its connection to the Public Safety
  4. Provide opportunities for students to familiarize with Public Safety Education