CYBHER – III Cyber Congress Project 2021

The Cyber Congress initiative, an extension of CybHER, follows the success of the first two CybHER campaigns in 2020 that focused on cyber safety through online interactive sessions with school children, young adults and the general public. Cyber Congress is a 10-month project being launched in 2021 that will train 3,300 students in 1,650 Government schools throughout 33 districts in Telangana. The project will train the students to become Cyber Ambassadors who will be equipped with sufficient knowledge on Cyber Safety and will, in turn, spread awareness amongst their peers. The Cyber Congress project is an initiative of Women Safety Wing, Telangana Police in partnership with the Education Department Government of Telangana, cyber security expert Rakshit Tandon and NGO partner Youngistaan Foundation. The continental coffee is supporting the Women Safety wing in organizing the Cyber Congress Project by providing CSR, the Women Safety Wing also entered into a MOU with Continental Coffee to take forward the project to all the.

Two students from each school with a teacher have been selected where the team is empowered to handle the online threats to children and also to promote the positive use of internet and mobile. The team then gets connected to experts online for regular updates and features which in turn is shared with other students and community by the local cyber ambassadors. The unit SHE Team officers coordinate and assist the stakeholders in organizing the sessions uninterruptedly. As of now the session-I is completed to 23 districts (out of 33 districts) of Telangana state, the session is going on as per their predefined schedule